Case Study

Warrior Cats


Warrior Cats is a global book phenomenon which has sold over 40M copies worldwide in 38 languages.  Coolabi, who owns the brand, realised they have a very active fan base who are creating UGC content for YouTube.  They asked us to delve into the Warrior Cats fan base, understand them more and create a strategy for how they engage with this fanbase going forward.

What we did

We undertook an enormous research project that ended up speaking to over 28,000 fans in over 100 different countries.

Our quantitative survey helped us understand the size and shape of the community, what they are doing and what they want to see next.  We also interviewed many of the top community members to understand why they wanted those things.


As a result of this research an entire fan engagement programme was launched that included the creation of a website, a new range of merchandise, a content strategy for how to create content for YouTube, an E-commerce shop and much more.  Engagement in the Warriors brand has dramatically increased and the community are creating more content than ever before.



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