Case Study

Influencer Marketing


Minions are one of the most valuable brands for the Universal Consumer Products group. The movies gross over a billion dollars in the box office revenue and the toys are similarly as lucrative. Universal wanted to maintain this popularity particularly amongst young teens, and stay the “talk of the playground”


What we did

We wanted to create an event that people would remember and so we took “Black Friday” and turned it into “Yellow Friday” With the emphasis on young teens we relied heavily on social media, and influencers we knew would resonate with the audience, for instance we worked with acclaimed graffiti artist Pablo to create a piece of Minions graffiti for us. We sent other top influencers Minions products and got them to include them in their Instagram feeds. Finally we ran a competition to go to the “Banana Paradise” on the Canaries we supported this with display ads on Google and beyond.



The “Yellow Friday” campaign was very well received with tens of thousands of teens across Germany seeing and engaging with the Hashtag.  Paintings, self-made cuddly toys and cakes were among the results that participants of the challenge posted on Instagram.

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