Case Study

Kids Coolshop


In 2017, five large toy retailers decided to branch out from Legekæden and form a brand-new chain of toy retailers. They wanted an offering that was equally strong online as it was offline making sure they were offering customers the best experience and the widest selection of toys. The stores must offer first-class customer service and a ton of in-store, immersive experiences for children. The result became Kids Coolshop.


What we did

Kidvertising, our Danish Partner, helped develop the name, corporate branding and launch strategy. This design and branding was rolled out across the store concept, print catalogues, events, online channels and all other customer touchpoints.

We also worked with a local Danish Influencer to create Mester K, a spokesman and ambassador for the retail chain who not only created content for the social channels he was also a live entertainer, engaging with the kids at multiple live events.



In a highly competitive market, once dominated by BR and Toys R US, as well as hypermarkets, Kids Coolshop were quick to establish themselves as a new, competent and legitimate alternative to the current options. 

Through our design and activation strategy, Kids Coolshop were able to offer the right product, in-store experiences and have a meaningful and relevant presence on children’s media platforms. 

The retail chain has seen increasing growth, having a total of 18 stores today, incl. stores in Iceland and the Faroe Islands – with more on the horizon.

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