Case Study

żywiec zdrój – Danone


If we let children decide what they wanted to drink, would water be their first choice? For most kids, this would be rather unlikely; their eyes would be naturally drawn to anything colourful, fizzy, and full of sugar. These kind of colourful carbonated drinks and sweetened juices were typically the choice of kids in Poland. In 2009, Generations, our Polish partner decided to change that. We had some internal conversations about the idea of ​​an educational program for kids about their drinking habits. We wanted to encourage pre-schoolers, as a susceptible group in society, to drink water, and enjoy it. It started out as just an idea and then we were fortunate enough to find a client who believed in the mission just as much as we did. A leading brand of mineral waters – Żywiec Zdrój, part of the Danone group, wanted our help to bring an educational campaign to kids.


What we did

We created a variety of educational materials, including lesson plans and worksheets for children. Brand hero “Zdrojek” has a credible reputation in providing an education on well-being, nutritional habits which includes the importance of drinking water. Żywiec Zdrój has produced a unique line of children’s water, where the brand hero appeared on the bottles. In the last edition of the campaign, Zdrojek visited children in their homes to further encourage them to choose to drink water over other options.



From 2009, we have implemented 10 editions of the program, reaching over 1.5 million children with our message. The program covered over 75% of preschool education institutions in the country. The bottom line is that it worked – over 50% of all pre-schoolers significantly reduced their sugary drinks consumption, learning to understand the importance and benefits of water.

This campaign has emphasised values of communication, nutrition and education.

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