Case Study

Bing Bunny


Acamar Films is an independent production company which solely distributes, markets and licenses its international award-winning pre-school animated series Bing. Acamar Films was looking for an agency to promote their new app, Bing: Watch, Play, Learn, and also drive sales on their Amazon brand stores.

The app, which offers child-friendly on-demand viewing of Bing episodes alongside a suite of learning games and activities is designed to help Bingsters develop their creativity, imagination and motor skills. Our digital marketing goals for the app, available in the UK, Poland and Italy, was to raise awareness and drive quality downloads leading to subscriptions.


What we did

We deployed a range of media buying tactics across several channels to help drive awareness, installs and subscriptions for the Bing: Watch, Play, Learn app.  Using Facebook, Google, Apple and GDPR / COPPA compliant mobile ad networks we:

  • Engaged with existing parent-fans of Bing
  • Identified those who would most likely have a Bingster in their family but were yet to discover him
  • Reached prospective parents who were searching for quality content for their children
  • Converted those seeking educational and entertaining apps for their pre-schoolers
  • Reached those who had downloaded similar apps and showcased Bing’s app offering
  • Constantly monitored and optimised the campaign creative, messaging and placement to maximise the client’s ROI




The Bing: Watch, Play, Learn app  for pre-schoolers has seen huge success. Supporting Acamar Films’ internal digital marketing team, We Are Family contributed to getting the Bing app over the line of half a million downloads across 3 markets.

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