24th February – A new family show hits Netflix and can screens offer a sense of connection in times of isolation?

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A new Netflix family favourite!

The new Netflix series Waffles and Mochi, a children’s cooking show, teaching families all about the origins of fresh ingredients and how to cook them up together to make a deliciously nutritious meal. It will star THE Michelle Obama as the supermarket owner, she describes her role as an extension of her First Lady duties to support children’s health. Other famous faces such as stars from Queer Eye and Stranger Things will also feature. That, combined with the genuine kitchen tips also offers something for parents too. The show is set to be a huge hit with families as they continue to struggle with homeschooling across the globe.


Screens – a medium of connectivity? 

Screen time for kids has always been a concern, and the pandemic has not alleviated any of these worries as even more aspects of life revolve around being online. But, there is evidence to suggest that screen time can boost kids’ emotional IQ. ‘Lockdown’ is a YouTube series designed to support kids emotionally by connecting them with peers virtually and showing that social interaction is still there and still important. The show is a great combination of providing kids with the support they need at a time they need it most, whilst also being on a platform they already use (a lot of the time for fun) – so it makes this kind of activity seem like a hobby. Created by Sinking Ship Entertainment, they chose to make it more ‘home movie – esque’ to create an environment the younger audience are used to. Screen time ignites concerns of disconnection and isolation, but shows like this allow people to feel united, albeit through a screen.


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