8th February – Gen Z will disrupt the stock market and Covid’s impact on young people’s mental wellbeing

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GenZ is going to disrupt the stock market like no generation before.

As the next generation begins to enter the workforce, what comes with them is new innovative ideas, their tech savvy nature and now, it looks like they are here to drastically change the stock market – thanks to TikTok. GameStop’s stock value surged from $35 to $325 per share between January 20th – 27th, people have been finding creative ways to explain how this happened via social media. TikTok has been a preferred medium of communication with hashtags such as #investing #gamestop #buyinggamestop being searched for hundreds of millions of times. One TikToker, @assetgrowth, has said he’s had messages from people asking him to help them start investing. Clearly, there’s a hunger out for learning about it, combined with the teaching of it being accessible on platforms Gen-Z (and others) are using for leisure, it could certainly be something the younger generation get more involved in.


The unsurprising, but sad, impact of covid on young students mental health

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the lockdowns all over the world due to covid-19 have had a serious impact on mental health. Dr. Daphne Korczak, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, helped launch a study in April to study the effects on the pandemic on young people’s mental health. They surveyed 1000 parents and 350 children last spring, continuing now to monitor them and they found that roughly 70% of children experienced a deterioration in their mental health: increased depression, anxiety, irritability to name only a few impacts. This is impacting children who suffered with mental health before and those who didn’t. The study identifies social isolation as the biggest predictor of mental health problems caused by the pandemic. The ubiquity of the virus has meant schools, after school clubs, sports teams, play dates and many more social activities have all been put on pause. Even where some schools are returning, having to wear masks and socially distance from friends has meant it’s not the fun and enjoyable place it used to be, further contributing to deteriorating mental health.


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