1st February – Fortnite partners with Football and the effects of streaming on consumer products

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Fortnite finally utilises kids love for football 

We’ve seen Fortnite create partnerships with some astounding IP’s within various industries beyond gaming – music, Travis Scott and Marshmello have performed in the game; film, Batman and Marvel films have promoted through Fortnite; content creators, streamer Ninja, has a skin in the game. Fornite have also played around in the sporting industry with NFL and Michael Jordan, where skins and accessories became available relating to American football and basketball. But now, we are finally getting Fortnite’s first partnership with Football clubs – something which seems a little overdue considering the hype around FIFA and football in general across the globe. 23 clubs are taking part, from Manchester City to Sydney FC, and each club has skins and accessories designed to represent them. There are also emotes based on players ‘celebrations’, for example Pele has an “air punch emote”. Fortnite is all about giving users an experience beyond gaming in a playful and accessible way, and this feels like a perfect extension of that promise, whilst also pushing boundaries into territories they haven’t necessarily tried before.


From theatres to laptop screens: the effects of streaming first on consumer products

One significant effect of Covid-19 on the film industry is the closure of theatres. Content creators have since been looking for other ways that their films can be premiered. This has meant there has been a significant shift to streaming for initial releases. Many IP’s have relied on periodic tentpole moments to sustain engagement over time, the difficulty is that many tentpole moments rely on face to face experiences, whether a movie premier in theatres or product releases in stores, and these events are no longer possible due to Covid. What theatre premiers did well was build the excitement around the release for that specific day – nowadays, with streaming, people can watch the release whenever they like which has considerable implications on how the content is leveraged through licensing. This could really have long lasting effects on the way IP owners, toymakers and retailers create their licensing strategies moving forwards.


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