18th January – Switching off the screens and watch out for new social media platform ‘Clubhouse’

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Tell kids to switch off the screens and step outside

This may seem counterproductive to your media strategy, but telling kids to take some time away from your platform could actually leave them wanting more and deepen their affinity towards and engagement whilst using it. Traditionally, the BBC and Nickelodeon introduced messages to their audience which told them to take a break from the screen and get outdoors. More recently, TikTok has seen the value in this kind of messaging, whilst in October 2019 Fortnite decided to remove the game entirely to allow audiences to build a sense of longing and desire for it as it was diminishing in popularity. The end of the pandemic and social distancing rules will bring new opportunities to market in this way, by encouraging kids to rediscover the world they have missed out on for so long and then come back to all kinds of social media in order to share this content. IP owners struggle to watch their audience drift away, even if just for a day or two, so this is a hard strategy to implement but one that could pay off tenfold – not to mention increase the mental and physical wellbeing of the audience.



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Look out for ‘Clubhouse’ – a potential sensation with today’s youth

2020 was the year of many ephemeral chat room platforms, HouseParty in particular, which exploded and then died down due to hacking fears. Clubhouse, while it’s been around for a while, its exclusive nature has meant that only the most elite of influencers have been granted access. The plan for 2021 is to make Clubhouse a public-facing platform, which is set to increase engagement 1000 fold at a minimum. The clubhouse experience is like ‘dropping into a live recording of a podcast’ – users can drop in and out of discussions, adding their opinions as they please. Clubhouse is set to be a huge success with Gen Z as it combines their familiarity and affinity with social media platforms, and the ability to discuss important topics with people from all over the world, something which typically and increasingly defines Gen Z.



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