3rd December – Importance of brand value synergy and Snapchats wishful reinvention – An update from the kids, teen and family sector

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Aligning brand values drives an authentic ad campaign

Much like the card game Snap has reinvented itself as Active Snap as we saw last week, being active and exercising has become the theme for PJ Masks’ new ad campaign. Hasbro announced that PJ Masks will partner with the World Taekwondo Federation to engage children around the world to take part in the sport (whilst also engaging more with PJ Masks). They have created an interactive website for children to learn some sweet taekwondo moves, putting a PJ Masks spin on it where each move becomes a superpower. There will be 12 taekwondo athletes, all from different countries in an attempt to drive the credibility of the campaign along with an overt display of diversity and inclusivity to encourage all children and families to take part and feel welcome. This seems like one of those partnerships where both parties’ core values and ambitions align perfectly, in this case, action, heroism and integrity are at the heart of making this an authentically successful campaign.


Can Snapchat reinvent itself as the HQ for content creation?

Social media as a form of entertainment has become even more important in recent times, and especially under covid restrictions when many of us turn to our screens for leisure and escapism. Innovators have had to be more creative to keep up with this demand in society. TikTok has thrived throughout the covid period because it offers communication between friends, entertainment through funny videos and also a means to pass time by spending 15 minutes creating your own dance. Snapchat realised that people create content on their platform but they reshare it elsewhere (such as TikTok and Instagram) where it then goes viral. Whilst their ethos has always been about instant and simple messaging, Snapchat now want to become the social media HQ for digital designers and aspiring creatives after realising this is one of the primary ways people are now using social media platforms. Much of TikTok’s success lies in the newness, uniqueness and spontaneity of the app, whereas Snapchat is old and perhaps too tried and tested to reinvent itself in a way that’s very similar to something that is already thriving.


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