14th December – 2020 on TikTok and fashion and gaming industries collide – An update from the kids, teen and family sector

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2020 on TikTok

TikTok’s success is built upon turning moments into viral memes, and 2020 has not been short in supply of some serious TikTok-worthy moments. From comedy and memorable dance moves to marching for racial equality and the global pandemic – TikTok has been able to educate, entertain and make a difference in people’s lives this year, all on one platform. Key trends this year include, creating popular dance moves to already popular songs – songs which then become known as ‘TikTok songs’, for example Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. Other trends include challenges, food/beauty hacks and just really random viral videos – Bella Poarch’s “M to the B” stands at 520M views and over 43M likes, making her a new social media sensation. TikTok encompasses all the things YouTube has been historically known and successful for, but repackaged the content in even shorter, more meme-worthy videos. With the current need for instant entertainment at our fingertips, TikTok aligns and is perfectly adaptable to meet consumer demands. 



Photo by Tony Tran on Unsplash

The fashion and gaming industries continue to merge

Recently, Balenciaga unveiled its long-awaited video game, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. It is an immersive insight into the creative director, Denma Gvasalia’s, predictions for the world ten years from now – a psychedelic, trippy dystopia. This is not the first time fashion brands have attempted to cross paths with gaming. Louis Vuitton debuted an entire League of Legends capsule collection in partnership with Riot Games and Gucci introduced AR in its app to allow people to virtually try on accessories. With the growth of e-commerce, fashion has been looking to use experiential technologies in order to stay relevant, engage new audiences and drive sales. Gaming is a key industry that has thrived throughout the pandemic, therefore it’ll be no surprise if we start to see more fashion and gaming brand partnerships.


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