November 25th – Introducing rap music to kids content and Snap the card game has had an active revamp – an update from the kids, teen and family sector

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Can we rap our way into kids hearts? 

Music plays an important part in kids’ self-expression, early literacy and cognitive development which is why it plays a focal part in a lot of kids’ media. Kidoodle.TV, CBC, and Monkey are all looking to rap music to engage kids in new and exciting ways. There are multiple arguments for doing this. Rap music is historically a black-dominated genre and so introducing this kind of music to kids media is a way of integrating diversity in a time when we need it most. Kids as young as preschoolers are being exposed to rap music through their parents (some of which will be Gen-z and typically more interested in this kind of music) and through popular media that they come across by using phones and tablets. This also means that incorporating rap music into kids media may increase chances of co-viewing as it has a wider parental appeal than traditional kids music. The adult-skewing genre also means that you can reach kids without speaking down to them, for many kids feeling ‘grown up’ is important so this could appeal to them. Finally, given that rap is an inherently political genre, it also gives kids media creators a good vehicle for tackling trending topics and events – a Covid-19 rap could help a lot of parents explain what is going on to their kids I’m sure!

Putting a fun, active spin on a classic family favourite

There has been a general trend towards increased fitness within families which has been heightened due to Covid-19 meaning that many of us can’t leave our homes and exercise has become one of our only daily activities. Brand innovators are looking to new ways of transforming their products to facilitate peoples uptake of more exercise as we are increasingly reminded to look after our mental and physical health in this period. TOMY has put a new, active twist on the traditional card game snap – now called Active Snap. Those too slow to shout snap will be faced with a range of sporty challenges from star jumps to sit ups. This can be played at home or in the park, making it a very practical way of keeping families entertained and fit.


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