14th November 2020 – Nerf, Arsenal and Chelsea FC collaborate and Nintendo continues to be unique – An update from the kids, teen and family sector

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Watch out for a Nerf, Arsenal and Chelsea FC collaboration

Hasbro have announced a short-term project between their Nerf brand and two premier league football teams, Arsenal and Chelsea. Key players from each team will compete in the ‘#NERFUltraChallenge’ which will showcase some of the unique attributes of the Nerf Ultra One Blaster, such as having the farthest-flying Nerf darts ever. The aim of this collaboration is to drive awareness and social buzz before peak sales moments. It’s certainly an interesting collaboration that will catch the eye of many football fans. It also feels like a great way to maintain perception of NERF as a family-focused and even adult brand, even though kids are the primary consumers. This collaboration shows how thinking outside the realms of a particular industry could lead to exciting and innovative partnerships.



Nintendo is following its own gaming path

Whilst the PS5 and Xbox continue to get bigger and better with their new platform launches, Nintendo remains stripped back and bare, releasing a ‘no frills’ Game and Watch handheld device. This game isn’t about bringing consumers the best new way to play super mario, but to ignite a sense of nostalgia, childhood fun and novelty which I think more than ever, people are welcoming into their lives this year! Whilst Nintendo are inextricably linked to other gaming providers, having such a unique position where they aren’t fighting for the best frame rates or 4K graphics allows them to take the lead and be successful in casual gaming.


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