26th October – Quibi: a product and victim of its time – An update from the kids, teen and family sector

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Quibi: a product and a victim of its time

Quibi, a streaming platform aimed for Gen-Z commuters has recently declared failure after less than a year in the industry. The service offered high quality short-form ‘Tik-Tok-esque’ content only available on mobile, which sometimes included A-list celebrities such as Idris Elba and Jennifer Lopez. It was a product of its time and also a victim of its time: whilst short form content was, and continues to boom, covid-19 meant more people were WFH and so there was very little travel time between home and work (if any at all!) which meant the commuting-based streaming service could not survive. This is quite the opposite from what happened to Disney+ during the lockdown period which sky-rocketed with engagement. This just goes to show being on-trend, having the correct positioning, device, platform, and timing are all integral to a successful digital content service.


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