21st September – A revolution in the gaming world and LEGO has proved its credibility with some sweet partnerships – an update from the kids, teen and family sector

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Gaming enters the next round

It’s been an intense week in the world of gaming

– The PS5 launched its pre-orders,
– Nvidia released their super-powerful PC gaming graphics card the RTX 3080
– Xbox Series X is available to pre-order
– Amazon gets into Streaming games with Luna
– SuperAwesome is bought by Epic Games

The increasing use of the subscription models means the price point for gaming is coming down. For many years the main target for the gaming industry was the hardcore gamer, they were the only one who would spend £45+ on a video game. However, with Xbox’s streaming service costing not much more than a Netflix family account and giving you access to over 150 games, the games industry might be ready to actually go mainstream and be more proactive in how they engage with the kids, and family space. Epic’s acquisition of SuperAwesome definitely points to that as well



LEGO does sweet partnerships with adidas, Levi’s and IKEA

A handful of really nice partnerships with adidas, Levi’s and IKEA shows that the brick brand has still got a lot of kudos and can bring value to some of the biggest names in fashion and retail.  These partnerships are great examples of being relevant, leveraging your brand’s power, while not just “brand slapping” onto anyone who will pay the licence.


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