7th September 2020 – Barbie continues to tackle inclusivity and lockdown has made kids rich – Update from the kids, teens and family sector

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Barbie 2020 campaign team

Mattel is continuing to pursue its goal of exposing girls to future-shaping roles, by showcasing Barbie and her friends in public leadership roles, highlighting the importance of a female political party working together to win. Barbie has put previous emphasis on getting girls into STEM, which although important, alienates some girls who do not have that skillset. The new emphasis on leadership roles is empowering and inclusive, with a really strong and clear message.


Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Lockdown makes kids rich

It would seem that bribery was a very popular tool that parents used to get through lock down.  According to recent research in the UK the average amount of pocket money given out has increased by 16%, and children are saving this up to purchase bigger and bigger things.  As toy companies gear up for Christmas it might be worth while thinking a little more about the discretionary spending power of children and not just assuming that it is the parents who are the main purchaser!


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