24th August – Triller gets litigious and lockdown reduces anxiety in early teens – UPDATE FROM THE KIDS, TEENS AND FAMILY SECTOR

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Triller is HUGE according to themselves and will sue anyone who says otherwise

Triller is setting themselves up to be the obvious replacement for TikTok should TikTok be banned in the USA.  The thing you clearly need to be successful in this area is, well, success, without a large creative community to create and a large community to consume you are just shouting into the void.

Triller announced in a recent press release they had over 250M downloads and 65M monthly active users (TikTok has 2.5B downloads and 800M MAU), however, according to a selection of third-party app measurement companies including sensor tower and Apptopia this is not quite what they are seeing.  Both put the number at more like 50-60M downloads.  Annoyed that people might question them Triller went on to sue Apptopia for “spreading harmful, false and knowingly damaging information,”.



Anxiety amongst 13-14-year-olds DECREASED during lockdown according to a recent poll

A new piece of research in the UK has shown that 13 to 14-year-olds experienced less stress and anxiety during lockdown than before lockdown.  The research compared October data with data collected in June.  There are many that point to this as showing that school is not set up to help children’s natural mental health, and a lot needs to be done to make it a better and less anxiety-inducing space for children to be.

There is however also an argument that this is a really tumultuous time for teens, they are trying to understand who they are and how they fit into the world.  School is a necessary crucible that knocks them about as they “try on” different identities and see what feels right and what doesn’t, you will also experience what happens when you make social errors.  We are not for a moment suggesting that we should encourage and celebrate anxiety in our teens, however, is it possible that this anxiety is an important part of learning about who you are, and lockdown, while a lot less stressful, potentially took away a lot of these important learning moments?


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