17th August – Children love to explore and Roblox thrives in Lock down – UPDATE FROM THE KIDS, TEEN AND FAMILY SECTOR

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Children just love to explore

This is a super interesting look at how the use of rewards and gamification of content is not the only path to incentive children.  The research suggests that children are just as influenced and motivated by a desire to explore as they are for real-world rewards.  This just goes to reinforce that children have an instinctive and basic desire to explore the world and discover new things.  Along with this, their exploration was not a random process but had a lot more structure, where they systematically explored options to make sure they were maximising exploration opportunities.  This is definitely worth considering next time you are creating content and thinking about kids content UX.



Roblox thrives under lockdown

Roblox has seen a 37% increase in monthly active users since the beginning of the year and recorded 164M unique users in July.  This success is shared with the ever-increasing pool of creators who are expected to make $250M between them in 2020.  It really has become a platform of note and with the creative opportunities and branding opportunities, it is increasingly becoming an interesting place for marketers to engage with children.  I have spoken to a few Roblox games studios so if you are looking for a campaign to create Roblox games for a client do let me know.


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