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Music to their ears

Music continues to grow as the latest battleground for kids and family-focused businesses. Nick has launched a new TV channel in Australia and New Zealand which plays kids appropriate music. Their research showed that over a third of kids went onto YouTube for music videos. The TV channel approach is an interesting one as most broadcasters are moving away from linear broadcast streams with Disney closing down their UK channels as Disney+ takes off. Nick’s commitment to music comes hot on the heels of both LEGO and Mattel also creating music partnerships.




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Summer School to the max

As school holidays loom on the horizon parents are now beginning to panic about how to best entertain and continue to educate their kids without the usual array of holiday clubs and activities they relied on previously. There was a prevailing trend over the last few years where parents were becoming more active in their children’s extracurricular activities with children overscheduled with lessons and clubs. This was fuelled by parents anxiety that their children were slipping behind their peers and were potentially losing out on future opportunities, the pandemic has done nothing to calm those fears. If anything it has fanned those flames with parents having a taster of homeschooling and the continual news reports of children being the worst affected by the upcoming recession. All this points to summer for most children filled with continued education and demand for potentially more education resources than during term times.


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