29th June 2020 – Update on the kids, teen and Family sector

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girl keeping her money safe

Marvellous Mobile Money Management for minors

Fintech for children is growing rapidly at the moment, as most digital services are in lockdown.  However, their role is more than just a way to pay children for tidying their bedrooms or even as a way to help children track their spending.  Financial habits are formed really early in children and they say by seven most of your financial management habits will be formed.  This will be a really interesting growth area in the kids’ sector over the next few year and understanding how to engage kids and parents in financial conversations will be just as important and a key role we can help banks with.



Fortnite Movie Nite

Fabulous Fortnite Friday film fun

Fortnite continues with its desire to be a metaverse and platform with the launch of its film night on Friday.  They showed one of three different Christopher Nolan movies depending on the region.  Watching movies with friends online is not a new thing, I personally worked on the Xbox Live TV parties in 2010 but this is clearly different and more advanced.  Time will tell if it is just a fad or if these sort of online events will become part of the normal social calendar going forward.



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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